Transit & Transport

Real-time indoor air disinfection for transit areas and transport vehicles.

Vehicle and facility disinfecting are very important to offer transit employees as well as passengers protection against contagious viruses. Cleaning and disinfecting are two different procedures that should be used together to remove and kill germs, bacteria and contagious viruses. Once the cleaning process is completed, the disinfecting process can begin. Disinfecting should be conducted as thoroughly as possible and can be accomplished by choosing an appropriate technology.

The selection of disinfection technology and methodology should be carefully assessed by each transit agency. In general, foggers, nebulizers and UV lights are recommended for treatment of open areas. These methodologies have not been endorsed by the CDC or EPA, are more expensive, take longer to set up, and can present difficult hazards for transit agencies to mitigate.

Eta Purification’s disinfection systems are thoroughly reviewed, assessed and approved by transit agencies and consultants, including CMRL, NKAB, and Aecom.

Eta Purification understands that transit agencies are confronted with the demand to provide a safe, clean and healthy travel experience to their passengers. Eta Purification has worked to understand the emerging problem in the transport sector and have included solutions to:

  • Actively protect against air-borne infection & high-contact surface contaminants
  • Manage infections that spread through HVAC
  • Mitigate the risk of infection that spread through airborne particles or droplets inside transit vehicles and facilities
  • Provide a safer disinfection technology while the vehicle/facility is in service




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