Micro-plasma Technology

As their name implies, microplasmas are plasmas (partially-ionized gases) produced within channels or cavities having microscopic dimensions. Powered electrically by integrated electrodes, these plasmas have extraordinary properties quite unlike those for macroscopic (large volume) plasmas.

Modular Design

We have developed and exhaustively tested a modular approach to disinfection system design that represents a breakthrough in the industry. Our modular system approach provide very high efficiency in a very small foot-print, resulting in low ownership cost to the customer.

Eco friendly

COSMO purification systems use only air as raw material to decontaminate water, air, and environment. It is a highly potent disinfectant even at very low concentrations and decomposes into benign oxygen leaving no harmful by-products. COSMO systems eliminate storage and handling of harsh chemicals by producing the disinfectant on-site and on-demand.

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