Professional Facilities

24x7 indoor air & surface disinfection of large densely occupied spaces.

Eta Purification’s COSMO technology provides 24x7 protection of both air and high-contact surfaces.

Eta Purification understands that professional facilities are confronted with the demand to provide a safe, clean and healthy environment and experience for employees. Eta Purification has worked to understand the emerging problem in the professional facilities sector and have included solutions to:

  • Actively protect against spread of air & surface contaminants
  • Improve employees health, safety and working environment
  • Reduce the impact of infections among employees
  • Deliver safer air and environment 24/7 using a safe and sustainable technology

Unlike filters and purifiers that capture micro-organisms in the air (and are thus not killing them), COSMO disinfection technology instantly kills the micro-organisms by attacking their cell walls and membranes, preventing them from reproducing and thus eliminating contaminants at the source. COSMO is proven to be effective against common illnesses that arise from poor air quality within indoor facilities – Tuberculosis, influenza, measles, chickenpox, common cold, mumps, whooping cough, diphtheria, and MERS, SAR Coronavirus, which are the closet family to recent SAR-CoV-2.




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