24x7 protection of air, water and surfaces to mitigate Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) in hospitals and healthcare settings.

HAIs, also known as nosocomial infections are a major source of morbidity and mortality and are the second most prevalent cause of death. Furthermore, it has been reported that for every one-hundred patients admitted to hospital, seven patients in high-income economies and ten in emerging and low-income economies acquire at least one type of HAI. Currently, almost all pathogenic microorganisms have developed antimicrobial resistance making it impossible to control infections through conventional disinfection practices.

Eta Purification understands that hospitals and healthcare facilities are confronted with the demand to provide a safe, clean and healthy environment to patients. We understand the emerging problem in healthcare sector and have provided solutions to:

  • Actively protect against spread of air-borne infections & surface contaminants
  • Reduce HAIs and improve patient care
  • Improve health and safety of front-line personnel (doctors & support staff)
  • Deliver safer air and environment 24/7 using a safe and sustainable technology




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