Food Safety Solutions

Proven disinfection solutions for food and beverage industry to eliminate food spoilers and other pathogens.

Disinfection is an important part of the Food Safety system for all food businesses, whether they are caterers, retail premises, manufacturing sites or logistics operations. All equipment and surfaces in a food business need to be kept clean and some (such as those that are in direct contact with food) also require additional disinfection. Disinfection is such a core part of the activities of a food business that these procedures are considered as pre-requisites to the organization’s hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) plans.

Eta Purification understands that distribution & supply chains are challenged to deliver safe, reliable, quality food for local & global markets. We have worked to understand the emerging problems from farm to fork and we have developed technology to address the following:

  • Applications to address cross contamination during food and beverage processing
  • Protection of packaging & distribution systems
  • Reducing spoilage through reduction of mould, mildew & fungi on farm produce




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