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Eta Purification provides a range of micro-plasma sterilization systems for critical applications that require precision and high performance. Our innovative technology has been engineered into a series of efficient and rugged sterilization systems that are revolutionizing and expanding the applications in industries and communities alike. Utilizing the power of our patented, proprietary, state-of-the-art micro-plasma technology we offer compact, scalable and efficient disinfection systems for water, air and environment purification.

Our innovative COSMO product line provides advanced micro-plasma systems for Healthcare (designed as National Public Health Standards), Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Human Services (including but limited to IT & ITES), Institutions, Hospitality, Transport & Logistics, Water treatment, and Community Protection. The advantages of using COMSO systems are manifold: it eliminates use of harsh chemicals and cleaning agents, produces no harmful by-products, safe to handle, fast and effective, and environmentally-friendly.

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Decontamination of water, air, and the environment (essential elements) are of increasing importance to the well-being and economy of India. This is an era of drug-resistant microbes and micro-pollutants so awareness of hygiene and sanitation, and cleanliness is quite widespread. As a country, we are already passing through and witnessing the positive change. Environmental cleanliness is given priority and the new breakthrough in technology is making it possible to have products that are eco-friendly, effective, and add value. COSMO is one of such breakthrough technology now available in India.

Rising interest in new approaches to more efficiently purifying the essential elements of life is driven by two major concerns:

1) the appearance of previously unobserved contaminants or pathogens

2) the long-term environmental effects associated with conventional treatment (excess use of chemicals).

Consequently, effective decontamination systems are of considerable interest but potential solutions must be both inexpensive, user friendly, and have a minimal environmental impact (ie. environmentally friendly and sustainable).

We, at Eta Purification, offer advanced disinfection systems utilizing our innovative and environmentally-sound micro-cavity plasma technology. For instance, our powerful COSMO system uses surrounding air as its raw material is chemical-free and leaves no harmful residues, so it is environmentally friendly and offers a sustainable purification pathway. We warmly welcome you to experience the power of our innovative technology for your own health & wellbeing and to build a resilient planet for the generations to come.

Thank you.

Dr. Dinesh Venkat, Ph.D.

Founder-Director, Eta Purification

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Board Members

Executive Director

Abi brings in years of industry experience in various functions of client interactions and business analysis. She started her career as a business analyst with Australia & New Zealand Banking Group & later served for an Australian federal government agency in Canberra, before becoming an executive director of Eta Purification.

Dr. Gary Eden
Advisor - Technology

Professor Gary serves as a non-executive scientific advisor to Eta Purification. He has co-authored over 300 scientific publications, has been awarded 73 patents, and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering as well as the National Academy of Inventors, USA.

Director - Strategic Market

Param serves as a strategic advisor cum technology partner and advises Eta Purification on corporate planning. An angel investor with investments in renewable energy, food and healthcare domains. He is a charter member of Native Angels Network (NAN), and Past Chairman, CII Coimbatore Zone.

Dr. Muthu

Muthu serves as a non-executive independent strategic advisor to Eta Purification. He plays an active role in bridging the technology-application gap, particularly in the Australasian market. His recent work focused on water scarcity and future smart cities highlights the need towards building a sustainable eco-system.

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