For Indoor Air Disinfection – Rapid & Mobile for Unoccupied Spaces

COSMO Hyox is an advanced active air disinfection system that uses micro-plasma to terminate micro-organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, moulds and other pathogens. The micro-plasma unit is designed to actively eliminate disease causing pathogens in air and water

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COSMO Hyox’s active air disinfection technology is effective in killing pathogens in every corner of the room. This means the contaminants are instantly treated no matter where or when in the indoor space they are emitted or exposed which is significant in the context of respiratory diseases transmission. COSMO Hyox offers a completely harmless disinfection process in unoccupied rooms (including ICUs. Operation Theatres, etc.). Designed as per US-EPA standards, the disinfection process has been adopted from nature and is proven to be harmless to people with safe exposure limits (when used as directed). Whether required to mitigate micro-organisms or odor or volatile organic compounds, COSMO Hyox offers a unique solution to destroying them instantly. Its rapid disinfection process combined with built-in mobility makes it ideal for healthcare, hospitality, education, and entertainment sector.

Key Features & Benefits:

Key Features & Benefits

  • Actively kills disease causing pathogens right at the source ie. in the air we breathe
  • Effectively terminates bacteria, virus, mould, fungi, spores and toxins
  • A broad-spectrum agent with sky-high efficiency levels
  • Works without consumables or any necessary supervision/maintenance
  • Completely chemical-free and consumes as little energy as a light bulb
  • A state-of-the-art technology designed and developed in the USA as per EPA standards
  • Tested, validated and accredited by hygiene institutes (NSF, AMPC etc.)

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