Warehouse Solutions

24x7 indoor air disinfection solutions for a cleaner storage and warehouse environment.

One of the leading health issues affecting a warehouse environment is ensuring clean indoor air quality and proper air ventilation. Breathing clean air is crucial for all workplaces, particularly for large warehouses that require robust HVAC systems. Lack of clean air can lead to increased sick leave and an unpredictable workforce.

Eta Purification understands that in a clean warehouse environment, employees are healthier and more productive overall; this leads to less downtime, more output, lower energy costs, facilitating machine health, and cleaner products for the customers.

Fitting COSMO air disinfection units in the warehouse HVAC system is a cost and energy-effective solution to improving air quality in a warehouse. It is a safe and more modern solution as it only uses atmospheric air to eliminate bacteria, viruses, molds, yeast, and fungi in indoor air. It is a non-chemical technology resulting in no residual by-product that has to be cleaned.

Unlike filters and purifiers that capture microorganisms in the air (and are thus not killing them), COSMO disinfection technology instantly kills the microorganisms by attacking their cell walls and membranes, preventing them from reproducing and thus eliminating contaminants at the source. COSMO is proven to be effective against common illnesses that arise from poor air quality within warehouses – Tuberculosis, influenza, measles, chickenpox, common cold, mumps, whooping cough, diphtheria, and MERS, SAR Coronavirus, which are the closet family to recent SAR-CoV-2.




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